Many people believe the cold, dark, wet days of Winter are the best time to grab a collector car bargain with the belief owners (or their partners!) will be looking to make room in their garages. Our numbers tell a different story….

Auction sales volume Q1 2002 - Q3 2017

SeasonCars SoldNumber of auctionsAverage sales per auction
Dec - Feb63967418153
Mar - May5453563586
Jun - Aug5437062986
Sept - Nov5728662592

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While there were more auction events in Spring (635), Summer (629), and Autumn (625) than Winter (418) between Q1 2002 - Q3 2017 there were, on average almost twice as many sales (cars sold) per event in Winter any other time of year.

Auction sales success Q1 2002 - Q3 2017

SeasonNot SoldSold
Dec - Feb26.21%73.79%
Mar - May33.17%66.83%
Jun - Aug33.52%66.48%
Sept - Nov33.76%66.24%

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Historically, sellers were also more likely to achieve a sale in Winter (73.79%), than Spring (66.83%), Summer (66.48%), or Autumn (66.24%) even though there were significantly more cars going under the hammer during this period.

Auction sales volume Q1 2002 - Q3 2017

SeasonTotal Value of Cars SoldAverage Car PriceMedian Car Price
Dec - Feb$4,212,654,150.00$65,856.68$28,000.00
Mar - May$3,317,249,581.00$60,827.90$22,600.00
Jun - Aug$4,811,091,819.00$88,487.99$22,000.00
Sept - Nov$2,605,698,703.00$45,485.79$19,600.00

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The summer typically sees the most prestigious sales, most notably those in Monterey, where the top models of the season go up for sale. The average car value sold during the Summer seasons between 2002 - 2016 was $88,487.99 compared to $45,485.79 in Autumn, $65,856.68 in Winter, and $60,827.90 in Spring – up to $40,000 higher!

Looking at the median sales values tells a different story. The median car sale values were significantly higher at $28,000.00 in Winter, compared to $22,600.00 in Spring, $22,000.00 in Summer, and $19,600.00 August.

When is the best time to buy?

While there is more choice in the Winter season, sales values during these months are generally higher with more competition in the market. Autumn sees the second highest volume of cars selling but median prices are lowest for the year – you still have 2 weeks until December!

Did I miss something?

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