In total the Collector Car Price indices tracked 884 sales during Q2 2017 from 48 auction events. Volume of sales was up on Q1, although all indices posted a loss during the quarter.

Market conditions Q2 2017

Collector Car Price Index Trends Q2 2017

German Collectables-5.32%1.79%207.13%
British Collectables-7.10%-25.38%16.63%
Blue Chip-7.46%-3.21%377.80%
American Muscle-0.98%-1.99%152.03%
Affordable Classics-3.06%-3.34%112.69%
CCP 100-5.24%-3.86%183.85%

Note: we are still seeing some adjustment in the CCP100 to account for the increased number of British auctions we now cover (covering a higher volume of cars that make up the index).

All indices we’re down on Q1 this quarter. American Muscle performed best posting just a 1% loss on Q1, leaving it only 2% down for the year.

Ferrari, German Collectables, Blue Chip, and British Collectables were all down from between 5.5% - 7.5%. This has eroded most of the gains these indicies have made in the last 12 months, with only German Collectables showing a 12 month rise of 1.79%.

These four indices pulled down the CCP100 this quarter, down 5% at 284 points. That’s 4% down on this time last year.

Notable sales from indices Q2 2017

Car YearCar MakeCar ModelCar Price USD
1993PORSCHE911 RSR 3.8$2,251,872.00
1964FERRARI250 GT/L LUSSO$1,595,076.00
1996PORSCHE911 GT2 EVO$1,450,000.00
1939BUGATTITYPE 57 C$1,420,519.00
1958MERCEDES-BENZ300 SL ROADSTER$1,261,113.00
1962MERCEDES-BENZ300 SL ROADSTER$1,166,301.00
1957MERCEDES-BENZ300 SL$1,111,000.00
1960MERCEDES-BENZ300 SL ROADSTER$1,100,000.00

Four, yes four 300SL’s in the top 10. Volume and prices of these in the market continue to rise steadily.

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