Happy New Year! Hopefully you’ve had time to digest last years sales and are refreshed and ready for the bumper range of auctions ahead.

As always we’ll be covering all the major auction events, at a minimum 200 events in total, and reporting all the sales in our database to Collector Car Price members (create a free account).

In this post, the first of many quarterly reviews, I want to take a closer look at our Collector Car Price indices that provide leading buyers and sellers with a good assessment of overall market conditions.

Market conditions Q4 2016

Collector Car Price Index Trends Q4 2016

German Collectables-11.62%4.67%201.79%
British Collectables-15.73%-17.82%34.24%
Blue Chip-18.12%8.86%387.86%
American Muscle0.79%4.04%149.48%
Affordable Classics-2.27%2.65%119.21%
CCP 100-12.29%-0.10%189.71%

Note: we are still seeing some adjustment in the CCP100 to account for the increased number of British auctions we now cover (covering a higher volume of cars that make up the index.

In total the indices tracked 999 sales during Q4 2016 over 67 auction events.

Almost all indices fell in Q4 with only American Muscle) marques increasing in value (albeit by just 0.8%) when compared to Q3 2016.

Our British Collectables) index is still recovering from a change in reporting (due to an increase in our reporting of auction in the UK) so is up only 34% since 2002. However, it still suffered a fall in Q4 2016 of almost 16% (where the reporting changes have no impact). It is also down 18% in 2016 versus 2015.

Blue Chip, Ferrari and German Collectable indices also suffered heavy falls last quarter of 18%, 16% and 12% losses respectively.

The CCP100 continues to remain even as it has done for over a year now around the 300 point mark. The last time we saw this behaviour was before the financial crisis of 2008 – hopefully this is not a signal of things to come.

Notable sales from indices Q4 2016

Car YearCar MakeCar ModelCar Price USD
1996PORSCHE911 GT2 EVO$950,000.00
1969PORSCHE911 S/T$864,335.00
1969MASERATIGHIBLI 4.9 SPYDER$860,000.00
1968FERRARI330 GTC$742,401.00
1964ASTON MARTINDB5$729,866.00
1973FERRARI365 GTB/4 DAYTONA$700,000.00

No real stand-out sales during the quarter. My personal favourite was a Lamborghini Miura that sold for $1.02 million (the 24th most expensive Miura sale we have recorded).

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