Collector Car Price Virtual Fund

Many of our members use our public Collector Car Indices to track price trends in the market and identify potential collector cars to invest in. These indices have been put together using a combination of collector car expertise and financial experience.

Now we’re giving you the chance to try and beat them using virtual collector car funds.

Your curated collector car funds can contain as many, or as few, collector cars as you want (we’ve 10,000+ models to choose from).

Build your fund with cars by selecting the “Add to fund” button at the top of each cars sale data page. You can remove cars at any time from your fund (perhaps if they are not performing as well as you’d like).

Start your fund with an initial investment value and (hopefully) watch the returns roll in. We’ll send you an email every time a car in your fund is sold or the value of your fund changes.

Funds now available to all paid members – sign up for less than $3 / month.

Please share your funds with us via Facebook. We might even add the best performing funds to our list of our public indices.