It’s almost August, and you know what that means – collector car auction season.

Here’s a quantative look back at previous August events.

2016 Collector Car Auctions (August)

Auction StartAuction EndAuction EventAuction HouseTotal Value Sales
20/08/201621/08/2016Pebble Beach 2016Gooding & Company$129,604,950.00
19/08/201620/08/2016Monterey 2016RM Sotheby's$117,897,500.00
19/08/201619/08/2016Quail Lodge AuctionBonhams$33,922,300.00
18/08/201620/08/2016Monterey 2016Mecum Collector Car Auctioneers$28,911,750.00
18/08/201620/08/2016Monterey 2016Russo and Steele Auctions$10,164,930.00
06/08/201606/08/2016Schloss DyckCoys of Kensington$5,905,255.00
20/08/201620/08/2016Weybridge August 2016Historics at Brooklands$3,585,322.00
27/08/201627/08/2016King's Lynn August 2016Anglia Car Auctions$1,750,557.00
29/08/201629/08/2016Sydney Winter ClassicShannon's Limited$1,125,225.00
27/08/201627/08/2016Errol August 2016Morris Leslie$706,679.00
13/08/201613/08/2016Buster Lang Classic AmericanBarons (Auctioneers) Ltd$280,519.00
18/08/201618/08/2016Modern ClassicsBrightwells$212,063.00

This table demonstrates how influential the Monterey week sales really are. The top 5 auction events, by total sales, were all held in and around Monterey. Gooding & Company’s Pebble Beach sale alone saw $130 million change hands! In total these 12 events sold $320.5 million of collector cars during August 2016!

2002 - 2016 Collector Car Auction Sales Totals (August)

Total Value of Classic Sales (August Auctions)

In August 2002, around $65 million worth of collector cars were sold from 1937 sales. In 2016 this figure was almost $335 million, from just 1120 sales!

By 2020 we’re confident August sales will reach $500 million ($0.5 billion), assuming good conditions – you can see the impact the financial crisis had on auctions and values in the year following (2009 - 2011).

Expectations for 2017

Collector Car Price indices Q1 207

The classic market has been slow, with some notable disappointing sales so far this year, although the CCP 100 has seen modest growth.

Looking at some of the catalogs for the upcoming auctions there are some very special cars. I don’t think $500 million in sales will be reached, but I think the August auctions will at least match sales totals observed in 2016.

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