Top 20 Sales by price 2018

Car YearCar MakeCar ModelSale Price USDAuction HouseAuction NameAuction Event Date
1962FERRARI250 GTO48,405,000 $RM Classic CarsMonterey 201824/08/18
1956FERRARI290 MM22,005,000 $RM Classic CarsPetersen Museum 201808/12/18
1935DUESENBERGSSJ22,000,000 $Gooding & CompanyPebble Beach 201824/08/18
1963ASTON MARTINDP215 GRAND TOURING COMPETITION PROTOTYPE21,455,000 $RM Classic CarsMonterey 201824/08/18
1961ASTON MARTINMP209 DB4GT ZAGATO GRAND TOURING13,264,951 $BonhamsGoodwood Festival of Speed 201813/07/18
1966FORDGT40 MK II9,795,000 $RM Classic CarsMonterey 201824/08/18
1965FERRARI275 GTB SPECIALE8,085,000 $Gooding & CompanyScottsdale 201819/01/18
1958FERRARI250 GT TOUR DE FRANCE BERLINETTA6,600,000 $Gooding & CompanyPebble Beach 201824/08/18
1932ALFA ROMEOTIPO B GRAND PRIX MONOPOSTO6,043,996 $BonhamsGoodwood Festival of Speed 201813/07/18
1985PORSCHE959 PARIS-DAKAR5,945,000 $RM Classic CarsPorsche 201827/10/18
1955MASERATIA6GCS/53 SPIDER5,170,000 $Gooding & CompanyPebble Beach 201824/08/18
1958PORSCHE550A SPYDER5,170,000 $BonhamsScottsdale 201818/01/18
1957BMW507 ROADSTER5,012,432 $BonhamsGoodwood Festival of Speed 201813/07/18
1955FERRARI500 MONDIAL SERIES II5,005,000 $Gooding & CompanyPebble Beach 201824/08/18
1957PORSCHE550A SPYDER4,900,000 $RM Classic CarsMonterey 201824/08/18
1998MERCEDES-BENZAMG CLK GTR4,515,000 $RM Classic CarsMonterey 201824/08/18
1956MASERATIA6G/2000 BERLINETTA ZAGATO4,515,000 $RM Classic CarsMonterey 201824/08/18
2007PORSCHERS SPYDER4,510,000 $Gooding & CompanyPebble Beach 201824/08/18
1955PORSCHE550 SPYDER4,455,000 $Gooding & CompanyPebble Beach 201824/08/18

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