In total, we recorded 5,115 successful worldwide collector car sales in Q4 2019 with a total value of $219,036,589 USD. 1,133 cars that went up for auction did not sell. This represents data from 39 auctions.

Looking at the CCP indices specifically (comprising of the most desirable cars); there were 693 sales of cars in all 6 CCP Indices during Q4 2019 from 35 auctions representing a total value of $43,248,632 USD. Unsold cars totalled 162.

Market conditions CCP indices Q4 2019

Collector Car Price Indices - Q4 2019

German Collectables314-7.72%1.70%214.28%
British Collectables197-12.40%-9.82%97.40%
Blue Chip391-10.66%13.97%290.55%
American Muscle228-3.77%4.96%128.07%
Affordable Classics2310.04%1.39%131.10%
CCP 100299-8.09%6.20%199.33%

Top sales from CCP indices Q4 2019

Note: this list covers car sales from the CCP Indices. Login to view all sales.

Car YearCar MakeCar ModelSale Price USDAuction HouseAuction NameAuction Event Date
1965FERRARI275 GTB/2 ALLOY LONG-NOSE3,174,862 $BonhamsZoute Sale 201911/10/19
1961ASTON MARTINDB4 GT LIGHTWEIGHT3,109,362 $BonhamsBond Street Sale 201907/12/19
1969LAMBORGHINIMIURA P400 S1,599,101 $RM Classic CarsLondon 201924/10/19
1956MERCEDES-BENZ300 SL1,581,250 $RM Classic CarsAbu Dhabi 201930/11/19
1957MERCEDES-BENZ300 SL1,142,950 $BonhamsZoute Sale 201911/10/19
1989FERRARIF40 BERLINETTA1,015,956 $BonhamsZoute Sale 201911/10/19
1993PORSCHE911 REIMAGINED825,000 $RM Classic CarsAbu Dhabi 201930/11/19
1965ASTON MARTINDB5790,742 $SilverstoneNEC Classic Motor Show Sale 201909/11/19
1993PORSCHE911 CARRERA RSR 3.8782,500 $RM Classic CarsAbu Dhabi 201930/11/19
1965ASTON MARTINDB5776,365 $SilverstoneNEC Classic Motor Show Sale 201909/11/19

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